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It is said that life begins and ends with a breath. Despite being an essential activity in and for our lives, it comes to most people at best as an afterthought – a grave disordering of the natural order of things.

This is why we created the Breathmasters series – to give a dedicated space to our students to delve deeper into the foundational practice of breathing in, with and through all other activities.

Every activity in a Breathmaster’s session is designed to help us breathe better and thus through the restructuring of our internal systems, perform better. Breathing better allows us to have a higher baseline performance in every other aspect, giving our minds and bodies greater working room to accomplish more. The breathing helps to stabilize our bodies and minds, helping us to have more clarity in everything we do.

The Breathmasters thus also works out to be a great revitalizing session for those who are not looking for a combative art or who want to explore the foundational work of Systema before beginning the combat skills training.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us!


Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us!


In Systema, the breath is also used as a means of coping with stress – whether psychological or physical. Throughout our lives we accumulate unwanted tension that manifests itself in the body and through restorative breathing, we can chip away this tension. Sometimes we are faced with a sudden shock – whether in or out of a combat situation, our bodies react the same way and the fear and panic that comes locks us up. Restorative breathing enables us to quickly recovery from the shock and regain our frame of mind so that we can act quickly. Either moving away from the danger or getting through whatever difficult situation we might have to.

In the Breathmasters classes, we help to introduce various types of stress for the purpose of helping our student develop the ability to recover from it.



Apart from the calming and restorative effects, breathing is also the key to understanding what martial artists refer to as “internal work”. Breathing, done properly, can do much more than simply “maintain” and “repair” the mind and body. It can be a tool for developing greater fortitude in all aspects of your life.

From the martial arts perspective, breathwork is key to developing greater sensitivity to our opponents attacks and greater awareness to our situations and coupled together with breathing, our movements become much more powerful and efficacious. While the Breathmasters classes do not include direct combat training, the exercises are the same foundational ones that form the movements in a fight and are thus directly applicable to it.