Acting, Reacting and Overreacting

Today’s Systema lesson was relatively simple. Meant to be a sort of evaluation class, we went through the absolute fundamentals of breathing, relaxation, movement and form. One of the drills included being pushed by our partners and letting the push through without letting the tension get stuck inside. I found myself much more stuck than […]



This 23rd April 2016 we are hosting Systema Japan instructors Andy Cefai and Scott McQueen. They will be reviewing key concepts from the 2015 Vladimir Vasiliev seminar in Japan. Join us for a full day of training, fun and camaraderie! Training details: 10:00 am – 17:00 pm HomeTeam NS Balestier Multi Purpose Room, Level 3 […]

New Fundamentals Class: Thursdays

Starting 3rd March, Systema Singapore will be hosting a new regular Thursday class from 7.30pm – 9.30 pm. To help newcomers get started, we will be beginning with Systema fundamentals to help everyone get up to speed. The classes will be held at Raffles Town Club, near Stevens MRT (DTL). The class is part of […]

Systema Principles and Methodology

Systema Methodology The Russian art of Systema empowers has been equipping thousands of people around the world to live empowered lives. Through the use of simple training methodologies and concepts, practitioners learn useful skills which are helpful not only in a self defence situation but in their daily lives. While Systema training covers an immense […]

Finding Comfort in Discomfort

In Systema we train without gloves or protective equipment – even in the delivering or receiving of strikes to the face, we do them full contact. There are many reasons for this, but I shall be discussing only one: that of finding comfort in discomfort. As we seek to emulate the conditions of real-life combat […]


February FightPass (Feb 2016)

This February we’re welcoming you to a full immersion in Systema with our February FightPass! As a Chinese New Year special, we are having the current promotion: $18 for a 2-week all access pass $28 for a 3-week all access pass Please go to our store to purchase the pass: For more information or to find […]

Train More

By the time this video was out, I was already an instructor-in-training in Systema. I really really love that video and I like to watch it every once in a while to remind myself of the basics of Systema. What I would like to discuss now is one thing in particular which struck me. It […]