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7th Anniversary Workshop – SEARCHING FOR SYSTEMA

It’s our 7th anniversary this year! This year we’re doing something a little different from just our normal party. As a celebration of reaching this milestone, we decided to put together a workshop of the key insights we’ve discovered as both teachers and practitioners of the Russian System. Both a recap and a looking forward […]

Ryo Onishi Day 2 - 113

Breath as foundation of movement

The recent “Asymmetric Response” seminar by Ryo Onishi (hosted by Systema Jogjakarta Indonesia) and the surrounding events gave me something I cannot forget – it gave me a much deeper understanding into the foundational nature our breath plays in our lives and how it not only permeates but forms a natural basis for everything we […]


International Seminar: COMBATIVES AND INTERNAL WORK with Ryo Onishi [22-23 July 2017]

Russian Martial Art Systema International Seminar Topic: COMBATIVES AND INTERNAL WORK with Ryo Onishi, highly recommended senior instructor by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev Description: In the martial arts world there is a tension between the softer “internal” styles and the harder “external” forms. With the advent of the phenomenon of the Mixed Martial Arts […]



STRIKES: SYSTEMA MASTERY Andy Cefai and Scott McQueen are back with the latest training updates from their recent trip to Japan! Join us as we do a special review of the work covered in the recent seminar by Vladimir Vasiliev In Tokyo. Topics include: Good striking technique Proper breathing Exercises to improve striking power Freedom of […]

Acting, Reacting and Overreacting

Today’s Systema lesson was relatively simple. Meant to be a sort of evaluation class, we went through the absolute fundamentals of breathing, relaxation, movement and form. One of the drills included being pushed by our partners and letting the push through without letting the tension get stuck inside. I found myself much more stuck than […]