This drill is reasonably simple – the goal is the use the weight of a stick, sword or any object of reasonable length and weight to find a good body alignment.

There are two things to look out for when practicing this drill:

  1. The stick should be held in such a way that the body is both comfortable and fully integrated with the stick. This ensures there is what we call a “connection” between you and your tool.
  2. The position of the stick when it is held properly will help you to find the optimal alignment in your body. Place the stick too far out or tilt it too far forward and it will likely create tension in the back. Pull or tilt the stick too far back and it will create tension in the hips.

The key here is to find an alignment where the stick feels weightless which implies the body is in a good state. Once you get this state, you can then start to take steps to move with the stick.