Form & Focus

Systema Singapore’s 8th Anniversary Seminar

Date: 27 July 2019

Time: 10.00am – 17.00pm, with 1hr lunch break

Location: HomeTeam NS-JOM Balestier, Level 3, Seminar Room

Topics (tent.)


  • Full body form for structure and power delivery
  • Advanced body state for relaxed movement


  • Catching subtle changes in your opponent
  • Controlling the intent of the attacker to your advantage
  • and other topics…

This year as we gear up into a new phase of our training in Singapore we wanted to share a summary of the important takeaways we have over the recent seminar from Vladimir Zaikovsky as well as our development over the last 8 years as instructors of Systema. Our 8th Anniversary seminar “Form & Focus” is a both a culmination of the insights we have picked up from training with our masters and other senior instructors as well as a celebration of the growing community of Systema in Singapore!

The two-fold approach of form and focus describe the physical and mental state of how one should work as a martial artist that will be applicable to people of any level and martial arts background. Anybody with an interest in picking up a new martial art for self defense or to explore what Systema has to offer will be sure to benefit from the seminar as we will be doing many exercises and drills that help to highlight these key elements of what it means to practice these important concepts from the Systema perspective. In particular, Ron will be sharing the similarities and differences of form and the internal work with relation to Aikido – an art which he has more than 10 years of experience in. Wen Hsin will be sharing on ways to feel and maintain external form as well as observing movement in your opponent.

The path to mastery is an unending journey we welcome you to join us as we continue to pursue it!

As it is our anniversary celebrations as well, we will also be celebrating it after the seminar with a picnic and drinks at the nearby park which you are more than welcome to come for! See you there! For tickets please go to:

For inquiries please WhatsApp or contact:

Ron (+65 9823 8697)

Wen Hsin (+65 8139 6737)