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Russian Martial Art:



With the full support and guidance of Systema Headquarters, Toronto, we are excited to host Senior Systema Instructor Kwan Lee in Singapore.

It will be be Kwan’s 1st time in South East Asia and he will teach a 2-day intensive seminar which will equip you with the tools to overcome your fears and achieve freedom of movement under extreme conditions and stress.

Experience the liberating power of the Russian Martial Art, through Kwan’s trademark step-by-step approach, which will naturally progress you from foundational movements to more diverse and practical work.

The “Street Tough” series bridges the gap between the essential internal work needed to cultivate awareness, connection, and sensitivity and the external work required to remove physical restrictions from the body to ensure readiness, control, and unpredictability.
The end result is an optimally-aware combative body and mind that is free to create, improvise, and move at will.

Each training day will end with a question and answer session aimed at increasing understanding of the concepts and the work in general.

SUPERCHARGE your skills and understanding.Train, fight, and prevail without fear and injury. Get STREET TOUGH!

Topics Covered

Special Class – Fit to Fight

(Friday, 6th Apr 2018 : 1830 – 2130)

– Combative Mobility and Breathwork
– Essential Strength and Flexibility

Day 1 – Get Off the “X”

(Saturday, 7th Apr : 1000 – 1700)

– Fundamentals of Hand-to-Hand
– Mechanics of Strikes:
Awareness and Density
– Combative Bodywork

Day 2 – Weapons and Tactics

(Sunday, 8th Apr : 1000 – 1700)

– The Knife
– Prevailing Against Multiples
– Fear Mitigation Methods
– Combative Bodywork

Ron at +65 98238697 (WhatsApp)


Payments can be made via PayLah, PayPal or Bank Transfer.

To purchase tickets via credit / debit card, please buy the ticket online via: http://www.systemasingapore.com/product/street-tough-singapore-with-international-instructor-kwan-lee-ticket/