Russian Martial Art Systema International Seminar


COMBATIVES AND INTERNAL WORK with Ryo Onishi, highly recommended senior instructor by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev


In the martial arts world there is a tension between the softer “internal” styles and the harder “external” forms. With the advent of the phenomenon of the Mixed Martial Arts and its popularity, the question as to the effectiveness of these “internal” styles in a true combative situation is naturally called into question. Witness, in this seminar, the proper understanding of the internal forms of martial arts and its application in a combative situation and discover for yourself how you can apply the internal martial art principles in your own martial art!

Sub-topics to be included:

  • Developing Internal Power
  • Applying internal strength in the context of Traditional Martial Arts, MMA & Self-Defence fighting styles
  • Effective Ground Control principles
  • Controlling and taking down your opponent
  • Systema Striking methodology

Come and find the answer to these important questions:

Is Internal Work in martial arts possible?

Will it work in combat?

Experience how Internal Power can be developed and applied to traditional martial arts, MMA and Self-defence!


Ryo Onishi, head instructor of SYSTEMA Osaka, will be in Singapore for an exciting 2 full days workshop and special class!


– Introduction to
SYSTEMA Groundwork
– Developing Relaxation & Mobility. Conquer the Ground!

* There is a separate fee of $50 for this class. Click here for the payment link.

SAT, 22 JULY 2017 (DAY ONE)

– Introduction to
SYSTEMA Takedowns
Using Internal work to escape from grabs, locks & holds

– Building the Combative Body and State of Mind

SUN, 23 JULY 2017 (DAY TWO)

– Introduction to
Using Internal Work to develop power in your strikes

– Strike different, strike hard!
Learn to control bigger opponents and the fight with ease

Russian Martial Art, Systema Singapore
Jul 22, 2017 – Jul 23, 2017

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For one day of the seminar:

Regular: S$ 215

Early bird: S$ 180

For full seminar (day one/two):

Regular: S$380 only

Early bird: S$330 only


For more information please contact Ron at
+65 98238697 (WhatsApp/SMS)