Systema Methodology

The Russian art of Systema empowers has been equipping thousands of people around the world to live empowered lives. Through the use of simple training methodologies and concepts, practitioners learn useful skills which are helpful not only in a self defence situation but in their daily lives. While Systema training covers an immense scope, it can be simplified into 4 simple principles:

It has been said that life begins with an inhale and ends with an exhale. Despite the fact that breathing is an essential component of our daily lives, most people neglect their breathwork and thus fail to harness the vitalising effects it has on our entire being. In Systema, breathing forms the foundation of all our practices.
Relaxation and Tension
There is no true power without relaxation. As our muscles only perform when they contract, the most power can be drawn from them only if they were initially relaxed. Learning to control our bodies relaxation and tension not only enables us to move freely and powerfully, it has a significant impact on our health as well.
In Systema, we do neither learn fix patterns of movement nor have styles based on the movement of animals. This is simply because we are not animals nor are we all the same. By going all the way down to the fundamental essence of movement, we prepare ourselves to perform an infinite number of effective techniques.
Just as Systema has no techniques, it also likewise has no stances. Instead of codifying fixed methods of standing to deliver or take strikes or perform locks or takedowns, we explore our bodies' structural integrity at its fundamental level and in the body's natural state - movement. This leads to a very dynamic understanding of form.