Strikes & Knife Workshop Description – Topics Covered

– Experience unique Systema methodology of preparing for confrontations

– Build fluid and functional, Evasive and Offensive strike movements with minimal effort

– Learn “Strike Absorption” and how to “Stealth” strike for maximum advantage

– Surviving the Knife!
Learn how to take effective control of any real attack and prevail.

– Use Systema breathwork and Fear management skills to prepare for knife work and defense in open or confined spaces.

Join us, Systema Singapore & Systema Instructor, Andy Cefai (Systema Japan) for a high energy packed and in-depth study of Striking and Knife-defense combatives. Gain confidence and practical skills in a relaxed and progressive setting.
No experience necessary.

Proceeds from this workshop will go to Systema Instructor Gene Smithson aand his family in Austin, Texas. (Gene was recently severely injured in an gun accident.)

Cost of workshop.
Public: $60
Systema Singapore Students: $50

Instructor: Andy Cefai

– Certified to teach Systema by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev

– Training and teaching Systema since 2000

– Over 15 years experience in various martial arts

Certified to teach Russian Martial Art Systema by Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev, Andy started martial arts around the age of 5 with Judo, then as a teenager various other martial arts, but continuously searching for “something.” Then in 2000, just before he was due to set off for another extended stay in Japan, Andy met Vladimir Vasiliev, which was, as it is for so many others, a life changing event.